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🎯 About - Sell House Utah

We buy houses in Utah – Davis, Weber, SLC, and surrounding counties.

We are local and located in Davis County in the Legend Hills offices right on the Layton Clearfield border. Everyone at Sell House Utah are residents from this area so we know and love this community just as much as you do because we grew up here! It’s always a sigh of relief to deal with your local friends and neighbors who know where you’re coming from; because we’ve been in these situations before.

We buy UT houses in any condition, as-is, from basic fixer-uppers to complete tear-downs!  

Don’t deal with repairs, cleanup, inspections, agents, fees, and stress! At Sell House Utah we remove the uncertainty and get you top dollar, cash offer, quick close.

We can buy your UT house “as-is”, close quickly, and save you the hassle. Here’s the best part…  We can sit down take the time and go over the options. Even if we can’t earn your business we would LOVE to point you in the right direction. We will present all of the information you need to make the choice that’s right for you.

You’ve got nothing to lose by contacting us for a free, fast cash offer for your UT house. Call or text now!

– Sell House Utah .com

What we offer :

✅ Testimonials

Most recent reviews from people we have been lucky enough to work with.

Sell House Fast in Utah
Scott P

Owner, Landlord, Investor, Entrepreneur

These guys were great. I told them what I needed out of my late sister's house and he said OK. We shook hands and one week later we closed. Chris was so informative and made sure everything was working out for me. I had already done a LOT of repair and refurbishment, but I was able to cancel the painting contractor. Anything I did not want to take out of the house I just left. He has people to appropriately dispose of anything I left in the home. It was such a pleasure to work with them. With no real estate fees, no more repair work, no closing costs, no negotiations, no waiting for loan qualifications etc. it worked perfect for me. I am considering talking with them about another house that I own.
- Scott
(Copied from our Google Reviews)

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Thomas W

Owner, Electrician

We've been dealing with the problem tenants for months! With Covid we had a hard time evicting the tenants until we were saved by SellHouseUtah and informed about our proper right and current state laws. It would have taken months to repair and sell the traditional way and getting a top dollar cash offer made most sense to me!
- Thomas W

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Screen Shot 2021-02-27 at 7.12.05 PM
Richard & Candice

Amazing, People

We needed help selling our house and our friend recommended Chris & Larry to us! These guys have been great and guided us through the entire process. Chris was amazing with follow up and negotiations and Larry having 25 years of experience in real estate really came handy when it came to overcoming a few tough situations and getting us top dollar. They worked with the buyers and appraisers and we were able to pull more equity out then we originally thought. Highly recommended!
-Richard & Candice

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Devyn Thumb

Machine maintenance at Kennecott

We worked with Devyn through late summer helping him clean the property and prepare it for the market. Due to circumstances we took the house off market through winter and waited until ready early this spring. The timing was perfect because we helped Devyn get $20k more for the house and closed quickly on it overcoming inspection issues. Super pleasure to work with thank you. - Chris Kostya Barzin & Larry Parks

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Amanda & Steve

Owner, Entrepreneurs

Originally I was looking to sell my house "as is". I knew I was going to take a hit on the price, but, at the time, I really didn't want to put in the effort to finish what was an unfinished basement. It just seemed like too much. After meeting with Chris and Larry, they helped guide me on what I needed to do to get top dollar for the home. We ended up selling for 35k more than what I would have sold to them "as is". The process was simple and fast. Both of them were easy to get a hold of during the selling process, were informative, and they both bring different skills to the table to make for a great experience. -Amanda & Steve (Copied from our Google Reviews)​

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Cash offer quick close
Josh & Daniel

Army Vet

Josh and Daniel are super nice Larry and I met them and got an opportunity to get to know them and check out the property. They were looking to sell it quickly so we made them an offer. Later that night they said they would be interested in taking us up on the offer so I drove back up and put the contract together. Few days later we closed in cash. This was a light remodel that we ended up doing. Hope to earn their business when they're ready to buy again! Thank you - Chris Barzin & Larry Parks

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Listing utah sell house
Will M

Tattoo artist

Will is an incredible person tattoo artist and now a good friend. He owns a tattoo artist shop in Murray with several artists working for him. We worked together over half a year through different issues and had to work things through a lawyer to get the listing up. Before we could list the house he needed to get rid of things and so we brought our huge 14-foot hydraulic dump trailer for him to use which helped him clear the house before putting it up on the market then also again when he sold the house. Everything went perfect and we closed the house quickly. He's now remodeling his tattoo shop and it'll be fun to see how it turns out we appreciate working with him and hope to earn his business again thank you.
- Chris Barzin

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Utah sell house fast close
Scott P

Owner, Landlord, Investor, Entrepreneur

This is the 2nd out of 4 properties we've bought from Scott. This has been such an amazing journey the first one we bought and did a hybrid remodel on selling to a California investor. This second remodel was a huge project taking months complete rehab from top to bottom kitchen bathroom granite tile it was spectacular. The 3rd house we did the remodel on I actually kept and currently live in. The 4th is being remodeled as we speak and we'll be keeping it as an AirBNB. Scott has been a huge blessing in our life and his previous tenants had nothing but amazing things to say of his kindness and grace. He will be our friend for lifetime thank you Scott.
- Chris Barzin

Sell House Utah 9
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Utah sell my house
Debra B

Daycare specialist business owner

It’s beautiful to see when all the hard work you put in pays off for you and the clients! Alex helped the sellers so much even stayed until 11pm one night cleaning out the house and Larry worked his magic helping Alex with his second deal getting the sellers top dollar for their house. We always try to cater to what works best for the clients and a listing made most sense in this scenario. Professional photography, listing, and representation after helping clean the place. We got your back for life thank you! - Larry Parks & Alex Curiel

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Utah sell house fast close
Scott P

Owner, Landlord, Investor, Entrepreneur

This is the 2nd out of 4 properties we've bought from Scott. This has been such an amazing journey the first one we bought and did a hybrid remodel on selling to a California investor. This second remodel was a huge project taking months complete rehab from top to bottom kitchen bathroom granite tile it was spectacular. The 3rd house we did the remodel on I actually kept and currently live in. The 4th is being remodeled as we speak and we'll be keeping it as an AirBNB. Scott has been a huge blessing in our life and his previous tenants had nothing but amazing things to say of his kindness and grace. He will be our friend for lifetime thank you Scott.
- Chris Barzin

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Tim T Utah Appraisal
Tim T

Amazing, People

We've worked with Tim on several properties in the past and he's a repeat customer and friend over the years. He had a unique Ogden property that was just "list ready" and needed some aggressive representation. After working with buyers and agents we took in an offer that made most sense to Tim. One big issue we had was working with appraisers because he wanted top dollar so we had to make sure the property stood out in certain ways and provided proper supporting comps regarding price. With everything said and done Tim was very happy and we look forward to working with him again in the future, thank you.
- Chris Barzin

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Quick close remodel cash offer
Angela & Michael

Owner, Entrepreneurs

We really appreciated working with Angela and Michael they wre looking to sell their house quickly as-is without having to clean or fix it up. After figuring things out we quickly bought the house same week with cash offer and quick close to later remodel it. We helped them move all of the things from the property into a storage unit paying for the 2 units for 3 months helping them out. They are amazing people and hoping to do business with again in the future thank you.

- Chris Barzin

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Brandon A
Brandon A

Manager, UDOT Utah.

Medicaid was going to take the house from us after inheriting it from our late grandparents so I reached out to the SellHouseUtah. Their medicaid lawyer with 15 years experience structured the deal where we kept the proceeds from selling it otherwise we would have lost it. Great experience thank you!
- Brandon A

Sell House Utah 14
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martha sell rental
Juan & Martha

Owner, Landscaping

We've had a rental thats been in the family for years and it was time to sell it for top dollar and knew we could only trust this team to take care of us. Thank you for all of the help!
- Juan & Martha

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George L

Investor, California

Sold and managed the entire rehab to from start to finish for out of state investor for a rental property. We also found and prequalifed a renter who moved in right after the remodels finish.
• helped purchase the house
• handled transaction, funding and title
• managed the contractors and
coordinated the remodel to finish
• prequalified renter
• assisted in rental process
🍀 This was a fun deal and working with George was a delight I'm glad we could help out
- Chris Kostya Barzin

Sell House Utah 16
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Natasha & Jason


We met Natasha & Jason online they came in as a web lead inquiring about a cash offer on their house. They had another place picked up and needed to move quickly. The property needed some repairs and updating and we took on the project and closed quickly on it to later remodel. Fun rehab projects like this keeps our guys busy we appreciate earning your business thank you.
- Chris Barzin

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Fast close approval utah sale
Drew & Deseree

Retired VET & Breathing Nurse

Drew is a retired Army Veteran with TBI who didn't want to deal with a traditional listing of buyers coming through looking around the inspections appraisals and all the busyness that can happen with putting a house on the market. They reached out to us on the website looking for help selling their house in cash. After working with them for several months we ended up working out terms for seller financing and keeping the house putting tenants in. During this process they were building a new home in Syracuse but had issues closing on it. Larry Parks stepped in and helped negotiate better terms with the builder strongly reducing the price and closing costs successfully getting them into their new home. I love these guys and they'll be friends for life thank you.
- Chris Barzin

Sell House Utah 18
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Utah realtor agent
Justin O

Father, Commercial industry

Justin needed professional representation for getting top dollar for his house. We navigated through putting the house on the market, photos, appraisals, inspections, and negotiated with the buyers agents to secure top dollar and quick close for the client. There were several issues with the appraisal coming in low where we provided market "comparables" and supporting analysis justifying the price and working with the agents choosing the right Realtor who would take the deal to a close. Super glad we could work with him and hope to see him again soon thank you Justin.
- Chris Kostya Barzin

Sell House Utah 19
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Bryan A

Oil Refinery, Manager Utah

With inspections, appraisals, contingencies, and financing. Selling my house would have taken months using traditional methods. My friend recommended SellHouseUtah and we got top dollar cash offer and closed the same week! I really appreciate their help and care during this trivial time thank you
- Bryan A

Sell House Utah 20
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Justin O

Fitness Instructor

My business associate referred me to them regarding the value of my house. We had it evaluated and sold within weeks so we don't have to go through appraisals, inspections, and other long processes that traditional selling is involved when using a realtor. I couldn't be happier with the results. Thank you! - Darin

Sell House Utah 21
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Ella Perez

Nutrition Expert, Food Villa

Found the house of our dreams! They sold my house and helped me locate the perfect home. Thanks for taking the time and your patience. Thanks!

Sell House Bountiful
Elsie Ross

Software Developer

They were so patient working with me. Made sure I got top dollar for my house and helped me figure out a difficult situation. I don't know what I could have done without them! Much appreciated.

Sell House Utah 22

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-Charles Schwab

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We provide complete transparency of the process as we take you from A-Z of the sales process. We’ll update you on each step so you’ll know you’re in good hands. Sell House Utah will remove uncertainty and give you clarity.


We’ll work with you navigating through tricky situations and legal lingo to make this simple and easy for you. Sell House Utah has many options to cater to your needs. 


Great opportunity to either save the house or pull equity from it and saving credit moving you in the right direction. Let Sell House Utah earn your business! Thank you 🙏

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