Huge winter record high snow fall and flooding?

Holy smokes, what an amazing winter we’ve had this year with snow accumulation up to 800, 900 inches at some resorts. And man we needed this! The talk has been that the Salt Lake is drying up and our water has been so low last several years that we’ve had watering restrictions and went through a strong drought. People we’re saying we’ll have dust storms that are going to kick into the Salt Lake City, and all kinds of chaos will ensue, but luckily our prayers have been answered and we got the precipitation that we needed this year. In record amounts. But one thing the goes with that is spring is here in full force and all that runoff has to come down somewhere.

Huge winter record high snow fall and flooding? 1

I’ve personally had two property’s basement that have flooding, and it cost a pretty penny fixing the baseboards carpet and everything else not including putting in two sump pumps. But looks like we were a lot more fortunate in the other areas, including some new subdivisions where the runoff ran underneath the street and collapsed roads and also several buildings just taking it out. We had a huge flood in 1983 where parts of Main Street in Salt Lake City were barricaded off and it looks like a river was flowing through it. It was pretty wild.

Huge winter record high snow fall and flooding? 2

Hopefully this year everyone got a chance to enjoy the snowfall and has a way to deal with some of the rising water table issues. If you need help with a sump pump or any other construction issue, please let us know. Thank you.

Huge winter record high snow fall and flooding? 3

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