The Covid-19 virus 🦠 sends the stock market tumbling. How will we survive?

I told myself I would not post or write about the Covid-19 virus 🦠 contributing to all the hype but here it is.. so I’ll keep it short and sweet. Because you’re already being spammed by all the technical mumbo jumbo across all of your feeds.

I’ve watched the stock markets tumble to its new lows and something interesting I’ve noticed is how unprepared we are. We’re a week into the “quarantine” and every body is in a panic. Plus the 5.7 magnitude earthquake we had in Utah isn’t helping.

The Covid-19 virus 🦠 sends the stock market tumbling. How will we survive? 1

Businesses are shut down, people are filing for unemployment, AirBNBs are empty, landlords are not going to get paid their rent this month, and some people will default their mortgages. If we think this won’t transfer into the real estate market we’re in for a rude awakening.

The Covid-19 virus 🦠 sends the stock market tumbling. How will we survive? 2

What will this mean though? Well it’s obvious how fragile and vulnerable we all are. If a little earthquake and flu can shake our economy and send stock markets tumbling then it’s obvious our foundation is weak. Think back to 2008 when we had to readjust our economy due to the housing market crashing. We came out smarter and stronger because of it with new measures in place.

I myself will take a positive view of this. What if the virus wasn’t a “flu” and something more serious? How would we handle this? Well this might be the perfect proof of concept on how to address these type of pandemic issues. Because honestly ask yourself, you knew something like this was coming. Think of all the zombie and pandemic movies this was almost predictable and it still shook the ground we stand on. Maybe it’s easier to ignore these things until it’s right in front of us.

But I had to give this state of affairs a shout out and in conclusion I think this is a huge eye opener exposing our weaknesses and we’ll come together to come out stronger then ever before.

– Chris Kostya Barzin

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